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North Korean Bank Manager Commits Suicide During Anti-Socialist Investigation

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DailyNK is reporting that ongoing investigations into anti-socialist activities in Yangkang(Ryanggang)  province have resulted in several suicides, including the suicide of a bank manager at the Bocheon branch of the North Korean Central Bank. Investigators are attempting to root out anti-socialist activities such as “those earning illicit fortunes, smugglers, mobile phone users and those caught watching South Korean dramas.”

The bank manager in question was suspected of embezzling funds in conspiracy with a bank manager at the Pyongyang branch of the Central Bank and the director of the finance department of a local party cell.

As rumors of an impending crackdown swirl, some have chosen to follow the bank manager’s path to their own deaths. Others have fled to China. Meanwhile, the residents of Yangkang Province are on edge.


Written by nkmonitor

January 18, 2008 at 10:04 am

Posted in Inside North Korea

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