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KCNA Editorial Stresses “The People.”

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In their latest (1/21/2008) editorial, the Korea Central News Agency (KCNA) mentions “the people” 16 times (out of 365 word total). Meanwhile, “Kim Jong Il” is mentioned only once.

Here’s an except:

The Republic has always made the demand and interests of the people the first consideration and striven for their realization. It has provided them with genuine freedom and rights in all realms of social life. They have been enjoying a worthwhile and happy life as the master of the state and society, revolution and construction. Everything serves the people and they are the masters of all the things.

Notice how they mention “social life.” North Korean propagandists always disdained regular Marxism, believing it to be too deterministic that is, man is at the mercy of the forces of economic relations. Here’s KJI on the definition of social life:

“Since they [Marxists] regarded man as a component of productive forces, as the ensemble of social relations, the phrase social being they used implied man as well. However, they did not use it as one having the particular meaning that defines man’s essential qualities. Systematizing the Juche Philosophy, we used the term social being as one having the particular meaning that defines man’s essential qualities. In the theory of the Juche philosophy man is the only social being in the world.”

 Since man is the master of the world, and not the other way around, man requires some “help” to prevent the relationship from reversing itself. Notice, that the definition of freedom is very different from out version of Freedom. Freedom, to KJI, means making the world serve man. Only through “social education” and the leadership of the monolithic Worker’s Party, can man become “free.” Social education requires having the “correct mindset.”

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January 21, 2008 at 4:13 am

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