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Chinese Envoy Meets Kim Jong Il

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Chinese Envoy Wang Jianrui had a “warm and friendly” meeting with Kim Jong Il today. Kim reportedly said he is committed to disarmament and hopes the other parties will uphold their ends of the bargain. Many are anxiously awaiting the outcome of this meeting as the last time Kim and Wang met, in 2005, the results were a resumption of the Six Party Talks. According to Reuters:

Kim indicated that he wanted the other parties to do more in implementing the agreement, but the report did not spell out specific demands. “As long as all the parties follow the principle of action-for-action and conscientiously adhere to their promises, the talks can overcome obstructions and constantly advance,” he told Wang.

Meanwhile, Chosun Ilbo believes that the US asked China to work out some problems ahead of Sung Kim’s (director of the Korea Desk at the State Department) visit to Pyongyang later this week. They are also already speculating of the possibility of another Inter-Korean summit.

Hu may have invited the North Korean leader to China or the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, giving a boost to speculations that Kim Jong-il will visit China in March. If he attends the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games on Aug. 8, another inter-Korean summit will be possible since president-elect Lee Myuing-bak [sic] will also be there. However, a South Korean government official said there are no signs Kim is going to China.

Finally, Joongang Ilbo (Korean) is reporting that if North Korea includes within its nuclear declaration a “footnote” indicating a willingness to discuss its uranium enrichment program and its connections with Syria’s nuclear program through private channels,  the US would be willing to end its hostile policy.


Written by nkmonitor

January 31, 2008 at 10:42 am

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