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It’s Not Exactly Nicorette, but….

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The Pyongyang Times (government run) reports on a smoking cessation exhibition that’s part of an ongoing anti-smoking campaign in North Korea:

The exhibition is drawing those who want to give up smoking. It has consultation, research and sales rooms.

The consultation room provides materials about the harmfulness and aftermaths of smoking. The research room is intended to collect, file and analyze materials related to smoking or no-smoking and worldwide move towards non-smoking.

Videos and wall pictures showing the aftermaths of smoking stir up an enthusiasm to abandon smoking.

The sales room with posters reading “Give up smoking!” and “Smoking costs sportsperson both health and honour” give necessary assistance and no-smoking products including pills, chewing gum, nicotine-absorbing pipes and filters.

No-smoking pill made from rare medicinal herbs growing in the depths of mountains does not give negative effects to the human body but enhances immune function and helps the people lose appetite for tobacco and give up smoking. It is a health food that has won a patent.



The article insists that the DPRK is in compliance with the guidelines of the WHO Tobacco Control Conference. They also claim that smoking is banned in all offices and public places. Right…

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February 12, 2008 at 5:05 am

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