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Boo Hoo, No “Unification Experts” in LMB’s Cabinet –Hankyoreh

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The pro-sunshine-policy rag, Hankyoreh, laments the fact that Lee Myung Bak has no plans to include so-called “unification experts” in his cabinet.

If by “unification experts,” Hankyoreh really means “North Korea appeasers,” then I say ‘kudos’ to Lee for his good judgment. In an editorial published on the 16th, Hankyoreh tore into some of Lee’s choices for cabinet posts, especially his choice for Unification Minister, Nam Joo Hong.

Nam Joo-hong, the Kyonggi University professor who is likely to be named as the unification minister, is not a specialist on North Korea, but a security expert. In particular, Nam has been pessimistic over diplomatic negotiations on the denuclearization of North Korea. Nam, who published the book, “There Is No Unification,” is said to be hawkish toward North Korea. Therefore, some critics say that Nam is an inappropriate choice to head of the ministry in charge of managing relations with North Korea.

The assumption here is that in order to be a good unification minister, you must be optimistic about North Korea. What has ten years of “optimistic unification ministers” brought the world? Let’s see, North Korea has a nuclear bomb, Kim Jong Il’s lease on his political life has been renewed many times over, the North continues to humiliate the South at every turn, and North Korea is every bit as repressive and uncooperative as ever. Oh, yeah, and the North Korean people are worse off than ever before. Just ask the 22 fishermen who drifted into South Korean waters only to be returned to the bosom of the Fatherly Leader by Noh and company. That’s right, you can’t. They’ve been executed.

I’m going to go ahead and say the Hankyoreh’s assumption is FALSE, and therefore their argument against Nam and other LMB nominees is unsound.  


Written by nkmonitor

February 18, 2008 at 2:51 am

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  2. memo to the Sunshine Squad:



    February 21, 2008 at 2:48 pm

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