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Did Pyongyang Break Its Silence Over Lee’s Election?

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A Rodong Shinmun editorial entitled “Our own nation should uphold the banner of independent unification” said the following on Lee Myung Bak’s inauguration day:

We can advance independent unification and peaceful prosperity only when we achieve grand unity of the entire nation based on the principle of national self-reliance…Our nation is a spiritual weapon to achieve self-reliant unification and peaceful prosperity…The cooperation of the entire Korean nation for unification is the only legitimate way to achieve peace, wealth and prosperity for the nation. (via Chosun Ilbo)

According to Ryu Dong Ryeol, a researcher at the Police Science Institute, the intent of this editorial is to critisize Lee without mentioning him by name:

I think North Korea was criticizing President Lee, who has stressed the Seoul-Washington alliance and cooperation between Seoul, Washington and Tokyo, in a roundabout way (via Chosun Ilbo).

Pyongyang has yet to officially mention Lee’s election or the fact that he is now the president.


Written by nkmonitor

February 26, 2008 at 1:07 am

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