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A Declaration “Within Weeks?”

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Christopher Hill told reporters in Hanoi that he believes the North will submit a declaration of its nuclear programs this month. During a one-day visit to Vietnam, Hill optimistically declared:

“If we can resolve these matters in the next few weeks, which I think is possible, I think we could depending on the views of the Chinese host, get together for a 6-party meeting to plan the next phase…time is short so I hope we can get on with that this month (via Reuters).”

The North Koreans are supposedly considering the proposals the Chinese presented during last week’s meeting between Hill, Rice and their Chinese counterparts, adds the Korea Herald. Hill believes things might be moving a little too fast for the North Korean’s taste, hence the Kim Gye Kwan’s recent reticence (see: 03/04/08 “U.S. hopes for N.K. declaration ‘within weeks’”). 


Written by nkmonitor

March 3, 2008 at 9:49 am

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