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BREAKING NEWS: North Accuses South of Naval Incursion

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From Reuters:

“The South Korean military’s warmongers have sent three battleships deep into our territorial waters in the West Sea (Yellow Sea) at around 11:45 am (0245 GMT) on April 3,” the communist state’s KCNA news agency said.

“South Korea’s military should clearly bear in mind that an unexpected countermeasure will follow if they continue to push battleships into (our waters) and raise tensions,” it said, demanding the South Korea investigate the incursion and punish those responsible.

No official comment yet from the South Korean Military. I’m really surprised by how fast things are moving with this story.

 UPDATE ONE: This comes via the Australian Broadcasting Company. Apparantly, North Korea has vowed to end all dialogue and attack the south.

North Korea says it is ready to abandon dialogue and attack the South, ignoring a call from its neighbour’s new president to return to talks aimed at ending its nuclear ambitions.


South Korea’s Defence Ministry says Pyongyang threatened “military responsive actions” during a telephone message between North Korean Lieutenant-General Kim Yong Chol and South Korean Major General Kwon Oh Sung.

More details as they come to me.


Written by nkmonitor

April 4, 2008 at 12:20 am

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